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Best Cocktail Bars Prague

Below are our top three picks for your visit to Prague.

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Hemingway Bar 

Hemingway Bar, located not far from the Vltava River, is inspired by the notorious writer with a penchant for alcohol, Ernest Hemingway. The bar, though it serves many different types of cocktails both classic and contemporary, focuses many of its libations around Hemingway’s favorite tipples – rum, absinthe and champagne – and in fact, the bar is often cited as one of Prague’s premier destinations to sample the infamously intoxicating spirit – absinthe. The interior of the bar – cozy, intimate, with a certain old world charm – is the perfect place to try drinks that include Absinthe St. Antoine and the becher butter sour, made from the classic Czech liqueur Becherovka.


Address:  26 Karoliny Svetlé, Staré Mesto, Praha, 110 00

Opening Hours:  Mon-Thu 5pm to 1am, Sat 5pm-2am, Sun 7pm-1pm


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AnonymouS Bar 

AnonymouS Bar, which can be recognized by its Guy Fawkes mask logo, bases its ethos around three themes – Guy Fawkes’ gunpowder plot, the V for Vendetta graphic novels and the underground anarchic community Anonymous. With a dark and stylish interior with sumptuous, plush armchairs, the bar has the ambience of a luxurious study and any fans of cocktails will not be disappointed with the creations of the talented team of mixologists and bartenders. Established in 2012, the bar was named Maxim magazine’s Bar of the Week in April 2013 and serves a number of delicious cocktails like the New Orleans Fizz, mai-tais and daiquiris.


Address:  432 Michalská, Staré Mesto, Praha, 110 00

Opening Hours:  Sun-Thu 5pm to 2am, Fri-Sat 5pm to 3am


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The Alchemist Bar 

Announced by rhythmical sounds of horse hoofs, guests in black cowls arrive at the Prague Castle. Startled ravens scramble and disperse into the blackness of dark clouds. Only one of them deliberately chooses one of the riders and sits on his shoulder. Rudolf II., the head of the Roman Empire, ends up noticing it and shows a hint of smile. His search has reached its end. He has found the Alchemist.
The alchemist had settled down in the house at Provaznická Street and began to create cocktails. He would mix such delicious drinks that even the Emperor himself had forgotten about the elixir of youth because the idea of leaving the world in the caress of Alchemist's liquor was too tempting. Just prior to his death, the Alchemist had hidden the greatest secret in the world, which he had wheedled from the withered emperor earlier, and sworn that those words are to never see the light of day again


Address:  Provaznická 386, Staré Mesto, Praha, 110 00

Opening Hours:  Sun-Thu 7pm to 2am, Fri-Sat 7pm to 3am


Best Prague Restaurants.jpg
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