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Best Restaurants Prague

Below are our top three picks for your visit to Prague.

Restaurace Mlejnice  

In the immediate vicinity of the Old Town Square, Restaurace Mlejnice offers traditional Czech dishes, such as goulash or pork neck side-by-side with modern international cuisine, like chicken wings and pork ribs. This is complemented with a wide selection of beers, such as Velkopopovický Kozel, Gambrinus and above all, the legendary Czech lager Pilsner Urquell. The menu is served in both the traditionally rustic interior and the outdoor garden in the summer seasons, creating a homely atmosphere.


Address:  488 Kožná, Staré Mesto, Praha, 110 00

Opening Hours:  Mon-Sun 11am to 11pm


Best Prague Restaurants.jpg

Zvonice Restaurant 

The remarkable two-storey “Zvonice” Restaurant is situated at the very top of the quiet (until recently) and mystery-veiled Jindrišská Tower. The atmosphere that is created by the sensible use of the centuries old premises will not be found anywhere else. A great effort was put forth during the reconstruction to maintain the historical heritage of the tower: uncovered wooden beams, oak floors, original walls, stone boulders and exceptional ironworks.
It will take your breath away as you are shown between the rough ashlar walls and first catch the amazing view from the large gothic windows on both floors, with the completely authentic wooden beams and Bell of St. Maria, cast in 1518, dominating the remarkable interior space.


Address:  Jindrišská Tower, 33 Jindrišská, Staré Mesto, Praha, 110 00

Opening Hours:  Mon-Sun 11:30am to Midnight


Best Prague Restaurants.jpg

Restaurace Stoleti 

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Address:  Karoliny Svetlé 320/21, 110 Staré Mesto, Praha, 110 00

Opening Hours:  Mon-Sun 11:30am to 10pm


Best Prague Restaurants.jpg
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